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A good trackpad or mice can greatly improve your desktop PC or laptop using experience. Here, we will discuss about all the basic things about mice and trackpad that can help you to make an informed decision when purchasing one. Choosing the Right Mice & Trackpad If it’s a desktop mouse you are looking for, there are two options to look for, gaming ones and normal ones that can help you improve your productivity. You can use gaming mouse for other normal usage as well. However, they are nicely optimized for gamers and can offers fast response time. While the mobile ones are easy to carry, the big desktop ones include extra shortcut keys and feels nice to use as well. It’s believed that mouse with wireless RF connection might lead to believe so most of the hardcore gamers use wired mice that can be connected to a PC or laptop via USB. Now let’s talk about trackpads. If you are used to the movements or gestures offered in the trackpad of your laptop and want to enjoy those same features in your desktop PC, it’s a good idea to go for a trackpad. The same goes for laptop users who are not happy with their existing touchpad. Just make sure the trackpad you are buying doesn’t require changing batteries often and offers charging option. Logitech Trackpad is a good option as it offers both Bluetooth and USB port connectivity options and doesn’t require you to charge often. Just decide the type of mice or trackpad you want to buy and you are ready to start looking for one.
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The Mice & Trackpads category on pricena has more than 457 products and 37 brands ,sold by 7 Stores. The prices of Mice & Trackpads in South Africa range from R 49 to R 10129. The most popular brands are Microsoft, Razer, Targus, MSI, Logitech. You can refine the search results of Mice & Trackpads products by using advanced filters by brand, price range, store, Size in Liters.. The most popular Mice & Trackpads products on pricena are Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850, Microsoft Compact Optical 500 Wired, Razer Viper 8KHz eSports Gaming, LOGITECH MX VERTICAL ADVANCED ERGONOMIC, Kensington Pro Fit Bluetooth Mobile. By comparing prices before you buy, you can achieve Average savings in this category of R 70 and up to R 830.
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